PestNetwork 2017 Dates

Date: January 2017

Planned 2017 dates for the PestNetwork Workshops.

Location  Dates Venue
Auckland 1 Tuesday 9th May 2017 Sudima Auckland Airport Hotel
Wellington Thursday 11th May 2017 Angus Inn Hotel
Christchurch Wednesday 31st May 2017 Chateau on the Park
Queenstown Friday 2nd June 2017 Rydges Lakeland Resort
Auckland 2 Tuesday 27th June 2017 Sudima Auckland Airport Hotel
Rotorua Thursday 29th June 2017 Rydges Hotel & Resort

You will need to be able to demonstrate ongoing professional development to renew your Approved Handler Certificate.

For more information please contact us.


PestNetwork is conducting a new pest control pricing survey in 2017. This will update our 2013 survey. We will survey the pricing, and warranty times throughout the country. The survey form will be sent out with the 2017 registration forms, and only those who attend one of the 2017 PestNetwork Seminar, will receive the compiled results. Your input & support is greatly appreciated, as it will enable us to reach accurate results to present at our 2017 Training Seminar, where we will also present a cost analysis.


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